How to Grow Your Online Poker Bankroll

Playing poker online can be rewarding mentally and financially, that is if you are making your bets in a particular manner. If you start making some small changes to the way that you are playing, you will be pleasantly surprised at how fast the money starts accumulating. Here are just a couple things that you can do today to change your online poker balance.

Making Deposits at the Right Time
One of the biggest ways to increase your poker bankroll is to simply make deposits only when the site is offering the biggest bonus offers. One of the big misconceptions about playing poker online is that you can only make that deposit bonus money on your initial deposit. The truth is that you can make money each time you make a deposit if you have a promo code, and you can even call the casino if you don't have one so they will make the bonus deposit for you. Look for holiday and special time of the year promos that will often double or triple your deposit and put a ton of free money in your player account.

Pushing Others Off Their Chips
One of the easiest ways to start making serious money at the online poker site is to literally push other players off their chips. The longer that you play, the better that you will become at spotting opportunities where you can start raising the pot even with junk and getting others to fold. The key here is to not overdo it or you will get smashed when you come up against the nuts. Simply make your bets at times when you see limpers in the pot or when an ace scares the table. Bet confidently and fast, the table will usually fold to your bets more often than not.

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